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Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyer

Concerning Bus Accident Claims

The South Bay area is becoming increasingly popular among people looking for an attractive and pleasant environment for their families. As the small coastal towns which stretch along the shore of the Pacific Ocean grow, so traffic congestion increases and adequate public transportation becomes more of an issue. It’s not uncommon to see several buses at a time traveling the streets within a short distance of each other. Some provide public transportation, and some are private companies. Sadly it isn’t unusual for buses to be in collisions or for passengers to be injured. If you have been injured while traveling on a bus or by being struck by a bus take action right away and talk to a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Bus Accident Lawyer In Los Angeles

The FMCSA, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, has strict regulations regarding bus inspection, repair and maintenance as well as operator training and qualifications, and regular drug testing, in order to improve the safety of bus transportation. Equipment failures such as turn signals, steering malfunction and brake failure present a danger to pedestrians and other vehicles and can result in serious injuries to passengers. There is no doubt that an operator who is intoxicated or overly fatigued is not safe to be behind the wheel. If brought into the case early enough a skilled bus accident lawyer will ensure that the bus operator’s log, bus inspection and maintenance records as well as other bus company information is preserved as vital evidence. The accident site will be investigated and witness statements are taken to ensure the causes and events surrounding your injury are fully documented.

The best way to ensure that the best possible settlement is obtained is to be fully prepared to take the case to trial. It is true that most cases are settled without going to court, but this doesn’t always produce the full compensation a client is due. As experienced and successful litigators, we do not settle for what is easiest. When we file a claim for damages on behalf of an injured client we are determined that the settlement will cover our client’s needs. Meet with a fully committed personal injury lawyer at Okabe & Haushalter to discuss your accident.

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