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Los Angeles Elder Abuse And Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

Elder Abuse And Nursing Home Neglect

Abusive And Neglectful Nursing Homes Can And Should Be Held Responsible

Nursing homes are supposed to be clean, safe and nurturing environments for the elderly individuals who are in their care. Unfortunately, though, there are facilities that neglect or abuse their residents. This type of criminal activity is especially appalling because these individuals often times cannot protect themselves and aren’t even aware that there is a problem. Nursing home caregivers are paid extremely well to provide the care, attention and supplies that are needed, but what is sometimes discovered is that they are physically, financially and emotionally abusing their residents.

If you or a loved one has been abused or neglected at a nursing home facility, the first step you should take is to speak with a knowledgeable Los Angeles personal injury lawyer about your situation. Nursing home caregivers that either abuse or neglect their residents, or both, can and should be held liable for hurting innocent victims or the wrongful death that has occurred because of their actions, or lack thereof.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

Even if you only suspect that something is wrong, talk to an attorney. At Okabe & Haushalter, our experienced legal representatives can let you know what your options are and how we can fight to make what is wrong, right again. We have helped countless Californians with many types of nursing home neglect/abuse situations such as restraining residents unnecessarily with drugs or physical restraints, emotional or verbal abuse, emotional or verbal neglect, physical neglect and medical neglect.

We can handle any type of elder abuse or nursing home neglect case, and it is vital that the responsible party not be allowed to treat anyone else in that manner. We can help you, not only put a stop to their unethical behavior but to seek maximum compensation for any injuries or losses that occurred in the process.

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