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What Is A Civil Restraining Order?

If you are being harassed, stalked or threatened, you may be able to seek a civil restraining order. A Civil Harassment Restraining Order is a court order that can help protect you from harassment. You may be able to apply for a restraining order of this kind if you have concerns about your safety in conjunction with someone who is stalking or harassing you, has threatened you or has sexually assaulted you. This court order may impose the following restrictions on the person named in the order to protect you or a family member:

  • The person named may be ordered not to harass or threaten you, not to contact you in any way, not to go within a certain distance of you and not to have a firearm.

If you are in immediate danger, it is crucial that you call 911 to seek help from law enforcement. You can also contact an attorney for assistance in filing a form to request a temporary restraining order, which will last until the date of a hearing held to determine whether the order should be continued or canceled. Having a lawyer by your side at this hearing may make all the difference, particularly if the person you filed the order against has legal representation and tries to challenge the validity of the restraining order. If the court decides to continue the order, it may remain in place for up to 3 years.

If a person who has been served a restraining order violates this order in any way, he or she may be arrested and charged with a crime. If someone is acting in violation of a restraining order that you have filed against them, make sure you call the police for help.

Help With Restraining Orders In Los Angeles

At Okabe & Haushalter, we are highly experienced in assisting clients throughout the South Bay area with restraining orders. If you would like to learn more about this topic and how an attorney at our offices can help you, please contact a Los Angeles restraining order lawyer at our firm for a confidential consultation.