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Los Angeles Legal Help for Crime Victims

Los Angeles Legal Help For Crime Victims

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

At Okabe & Haushalter, we represent victims of negligence with their personal injury claims as well as out of state individuals accused of causing personal injury to another. In either case, the help of a dedicated Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can make all the difference to your future. As an accident or injury victim, you deserve just compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. The negligent party must be held accountable for the actions that harmed you so that you are not left suffering in silence and we will fight to protect your rights in this regard.

If another has filed a personal injury claim against you, our team will investigate the case and develop a compelling argument in your favor. We will negotiate in your best interests and as needed represent you in court. We are sensitive to your situation and will do all we can to keep the disruption you experience as minimal as possible.

Personal Injury Cases

With the honor of receiving the “Super Lawyers” title for the past six years, we strive to live up to that standard of excellence every day and with every client. If the incident with which you need help involves a crime, we can seek punitive damages for you as the victim or launch an aggressive defense for you as the accused. We can help if you have been harmed in a:

Contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney for help as the victim or accused in a personal injury case.