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Brentwood Molestation Victim Representation in Civil Court

Brentwood Molestation Victim Representation in Civil Court

The suffering a victim experiences after molestation is something that does not disappear after the crime. Even after the perpetrator is punished in criminal court, the pain of the person who was victimized can live on. There may be no physical scars, but the psychological wounds experienced by victims of molestation can remain for a lifetime, resulting in endless therapy sessions and a pile of bills. Sometimes, the perpetrator of the crime is not the only one to blame. Acts of negligence on the part of a third party can facilitate victimization—and those parties can be held accountable for what they did—or what they failed to do—in civil court. If you were a victim of molestation in the Bay Area and you want to seek justice in the civil courtroom, contact a molestation victim attorney in Brentwood at Okabe and Haushalter.

When to take action in civil court

Although the person who harmed you may be behind bars, if there was someone else who is liable for allowing the crime to happen, you can seek help in a civil courtroom. For example, if you were victimized while at work and your employer turned a blind eye to the criminal behavior of the perpetrator, you can sue your employer in civil court for their negligence. They failed to provide a safe work environment, and they can be held responsible for that failure.

The focus of civil court differs from the focus of criminal court

Criminal law focuses on punishing the guilty and exonerating the innocent. The focus of a criminal case is finding out which laws a perpetrator has broken and penalizing them accordingly. However, the civil court does not look at guilt versus innocence—rather, it seeks to establish liability and determine whether negligence gave rise to the crimes that were committed.

You deserve justice

As the victim of molestation, you deserve justice—and justice does not stop when the criminal case is closed. By pursuing a civil court case, you can make sure the parties whose negligence allowed you to be victimized are held accountable and possibly prevent future victimization. You may also be entitled to monetary compensation in the form of a cash award or other restitution. An attorney can step up and help you get the closure you need in civil court, so you can finally move forward in your life after being victimized without continuing to be haunted by the crime.

We can represent you in civil court

The experienced legal team at Okabe and Haushalter can help you get justice for the wrongdoing you have suffered. If you need a molestation victim attorney in Brentwood or the greater Bay Area, contact us for a free case evaluation. We can help you hold those responsible for the crimes committed against you accountable for their negligence in civil court. Call us today to discuss your case and take the first step toward reclaiming your life as your own.