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Manhattan Beach White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

Manhattan Beach White Collar Crime Lawyer

People from all parts of society can be accused of crimes: the well-to-do, the middle-class, and the working poor. The law does not differentiate between social classes when someone is accused of a crime. No matter how comfortable or how indigent you may be, you could be charged with a white collar crime—and if you are facing criminal charges, it can come as a horrible shock. Where do you turn? Who can help you fight these charges? If you are facing one or more criminal charges due to alleged white collar crime in Los Angeles County, contact a white collar crime attorney at Okabe and Haushalter to find out more about your defense options in court.

Federal and state laws may apply to white collar crimes

While certain white collar crimes may be charged as misdemeanors or felonies under the California State Penal Code, other crimes may break federal laws and be charged in federal court. Some crimes, such as embezzlement, may be classified as misdemeanors under the law depending on how much money was alleged to have been involved in the crime. Other crimes, such as wire fraud, are federal offenses regardless of how much the monetary transactions themselves were, and the penalties for these crimes may be quite harsh if the accused party is convicted. No matter how big or how small the crime you are accused of committing is, whether it is a misdemeanor or a serious federal felony, you have the right to an attorney in court. The attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter are ready to stand beside you in any courtroom and defend you against any crime.

Types of white collar crime cases we can take on

Our knowledge and experience make us the top choice for people who are accused of committing white collar crimes. Here are some of the types of cases we can defend in court:

Whether you are facing a single misdemeanor charge or stand accused of multiple serious federal crimes, our attorneys can fight for you in court and provide you with nothing short of an outstanding defense. You have the right to retain legal counsel if you are accused of a crime, and Okabe and Haushalter can help when your court date comes.

Our criminal law experts can represent you in court

A white collar crime attorney in Manhattan Beach is just a call if you have been charged with one of these crimes in the greater L.A. area. The expert attorneys at Okabe and Haushalter have extensive knowledge of the California Penal Code and federal statutes pertaining to white collar crimes, and they can help defend you in court. Our aggressive defense strategies get results, and we are known for providing our clients with courtroom excellence every step of the way. For a free evaluation of your white collar crime case, contact us today.