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San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer In San Fernando Valley, California

Okabe & Haushalter is a highly regarded criminal defense firm that provides legal counsel and representation in cases involving misdemeanor, felony and federal crimes such as domestic violence, drunk in public, embezzlement, extortion, forgery, grand theft, insider trading, manslaughter, and murder/homicide. We also defend clients charged with public corruption, RICO, tax evasion, weapons charges child molestation, arson, assault & battery, bribery and child pornography, as well as white collar crimes, computer crimes, federal crimes and fraud crimes.

If you have been arrested for committing a criminal offense, contact a criminal defense lawyer at our office for assistance. We have defended clients in drug cases and juvenile cases, and can also provide effective legal assistance with appeals. We are experienced in sex crimes defense and DUI defense and can help you resolve any type of criminal accusations. The firm is Super Lawyer rated and Attorneys Ryan Okabe and Mark Haushalter are highly skilled legal professionals that have tried cases in local, state and federal courts.

Criminal Defense Lawyer In San Fernando Valley

A conviction in a criminal case can have long-term consequences that will change the course of your life. Even when you are sentenced to probation for a first-time misdemeanor you will have a permanent criminal record that will limit future job options. Our firm’s attorneys are highly skilled defenders that will know the exact actions that need to be taken regarding your case. We will investigate the charges you are facing and develop a multi-layered defense plan to help you combat the prosecution’s case. The evidence against you will be thoroughly reviewed and challenged to help you avoid a guilty verdict. When you know that you are being represented by a proven legal team, it is added assurance that you will receive the best defense possible. We will give your case our full attention, and make sure every opportunity to seek a reduction in charges, case dismissal or alternative sentencing is made the most of. We are dedicated legal professionals that can be depended on for focused and committed representation.

Contact for legal counsel and proven representation if you have been charged with a criminal offense.