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When you need skilled legal counsel, you can turn to a San Pedro criminal defense attorney at Okabe & Haushalter. Our law firm takes on all types of criminal cases throughout this area, providing knowledgeable legal counsel while employing aggressive and innovative strategies to offer our clients the best opportunity at positive case results.

Our legal team understands that much is on the line if you or someone you know has been arrested or accused of a crime. By taking the time to provide each client with the personalized attention and dedicated criminal defense representation they need, we do our utmost to ensure their legal rights are protected to the fullest possible extent.

Charged With A Crime? Our Firm Could Help!

Our team helps clients in the San Pedro area who are facing criminal legal matters involving domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, juvenile crimes, assault and battery, sexual assault/rape, manslaughter, indecent exposure, fraud, grand theft, weapons charges, child pornography, white collar crimes, and murder. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and your consultation are completely confidential.

You may feel that your case is helpless. The District Attorney’s Office may consider that they have an infallible case against you. You may currently be wondering whether accepting a plea bargain will be in your best interests. With a San Pedro criminal lawyer to handle your case, advise you of your options and protect your rights, you will have the invaluable opportunity to make the right choices and challenge your charges if this is in your best interests. Avoiding a conviction altogether is far more advantageous than pleading guilty and receiving a lesser sentence. An attorney can guide you in the right direction while keeping your best interests in mind.

For a confidential review of your case, contact a San Pedro criminal lawyer at Okabe & Haushalter today!