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Yorba Linda Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer In Yorba Linda, California

Okabe & Haushalter is an experienced criminal defense firm that assists clients charged with crimes such as assault & battery, bribery, child pornography, child molestation, computer crimes, domestic violence, drunk in public, embezzlement, extortion, forgery, fraud crimes, grand theft, arson, hate crime, insider trading, manslaughter, murder/homicide, public corruption, RICO, tax evasion, weapons charges, white collar crimes, misdemeanor crimes, felony crimes and federal crimes. We are also proficient in sex crimes defense, DUI defense, and appeals. Contact a criminal defense lawyer at our office to discuss your case in detail. We can provide you with important information regarding the charges you are facing, and explain the various ways the evidence in your case can be challenged. Attorneys Ryan Okabe and Mark Haushalter have an extensive background in criminal defense and will do everything they can to prevent a guilty verdict. All three litigators have experience in local, state and federal courts, and will know what steps need to be taken regarding your defense.

Criminal Defense Lawyer In Yorba Linda

The severity of a criminal offense is determined by many factors. Crimes of violence or offenses involving a minor or the use of a deadly weapon are considered extremely serious and will be aggressively pursued by the prosecution. You may also be facing serious consequences for a theft crime involving large sums of the case or valuable property; drug manufacturing, sales, and trafficking; or offenses connected to an organized criminal activity. Legal advocacy by a skilled defender can make a difference in the outcome of your situation and will ensure you are receiving the best defense possible.

If you have questions about your case or would like an attorney from our firm to discuss your defense options, please contact us immediately. The sooner we can start work on your case, the better chance you will have of reduction in charges, case dismissal or alternative sentencing. Have you been charged with a federal crime? Federal cases can be very complex and will require the skills of an experienced federal litigator. If you are under investigation for committing a federal offense, but no formal charges have been filed, an attorney should be hired immediately to try and prevent an indictment.

Contact a Yorba Linda criminal defense attorney for effective legal counsel if you are facing criminal charges.