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San Francisco Assault and Battery Attorney

California is known for its “Three Strikes and You’re Out” law system. Your first strike can get you a pass, with a warning and a small penalty. Your second strike will cause double consequences and serious fines. The third strike, however, will bring you 25 to life in prison. No matter how petty you think your crime is, the state will charge you and classify your felony with a “strike”. You have to be extremely careful and law-abiding to avoid these potentially life-changing situations.

If you have been charged for battery and assault, you have the right to remain silent until you speak to an attorney. We suggest you avoid Federal or State-appointed lawyers and come directly to us. Why – because Assault and Battery Attorneys in San Francisco have a team of experienced and highly educated and skilled attorneys ready to take over your case, build a strong defense and provide you with aggressive representation. We are here to defend your legal rights. Get in touch with us, schedule a free initial consultation, and learn how you can avoid getting a “strike” and paying fines and penalties appointed by the court. Call us today to learn more.

Free case evaluation

Once you give us a call and schedule your initial consultation, completely free of charge, you will be able to learn more about your legal rights from one of our professional and experienced attorneys. They will hear your side of the story; perhaps there is more to it than it meets the eye. Every detail can be a game-changer, so help us turn the tables by being honest to us and coming to us first. Speak to our Assault and Battery Attorneys to learn more about our services. We charge nothing for our initial services, and if agreed so, may charge you nothing until you are cleared and the case is won in your favor.

Assault and Battery will get you a “strike”

As there is almost zero to no tolerance towards offenders, the state attorneys working against you will build a strong case. You have to be ready to counter their claims and statements. Do not by any chance attempt to represent yourself, or the consequences can be more than you can bear. Not only will you receive a strike, but you will have to pay the highest fees, penalties and get listed in a criminal record. This will significantly lower your job opportunities, and your career will be as good as gone.

San Francisco Assault and Battery Attorneys
are encouraging you to seek professional help. They offer their services and are willing to fully commit to your case. They have resources, as well as knowledge and experience at their disposal, all of which will help them build you a strong defense case, and clear your name in the process. Avoid getting a strike and listed in a criminal record. Call us today, and let’s schedule your initial consultation and start working on your case. Act while you still have the time.