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Victims of Physical Abuse

Victims Of Physical Abuse

Our Los Angeles Victim Representation Lawyers Can Help

Have you or a loved one been a victim of physical abuse? If so, you may have legal avenues to seek relief from the individuals or institutions that hurt you. Often, physical abuse is perpetrated by a single individual (or a few individuals) but only occurs due to larger, institutional failings that place innocent people in harm’s way.

If you’ve been hurt, our proven team of legal advocates at Okabe & Haushalter are ready to assist you. Our experienced Los Angeles victim representation attorneys have been industry-recognized for the quality of their work both in and outside the courtroom. We know what it takes to secure results and aggressively pursue justice for injured and wronged clients who need their voices heard.

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Instances Of Physical Abuse

Unfortunately, there are many instances in which victims who have trusted others with their well-being can be exposed to physical abuse. Sometimes these claims can coincide with criminal charges, other times it is up to victims to come forward and expose the wrongdoing of those who have hurt them.

The following parties can be held responsible for physical abuse:

  • Individuals/criminal defendants
  • Religious institutions
  • Schools/school districts
  • Childcare services
  • Nursing home facilities
  • Healthcare providers
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Business entities/employers

Civil Lawsuits Are Different From Criminal Charges

If there are pending criminal charges against your alleged abuser, or if the person who abused you has been convicted of a crime, we want you to know that you can still bring a civil lawsuit against that individual. Additionally, even if your alleged abuser has not faced any criminal charges or was found not guilty, you can still file a lawsuit.

Civil personal injury cases have nothing to do with the criminal case. Civil court is designed to help you, the survivor of abuse, obtain compensation and closure from the perpetrator of the violence. In many cases, civil actions against alleged abusers are filed at the same time that criminal charges are ongoing. It may be the case that the civil claim will be put on hold until the criminal case is concluded.

Time Limit To Bring Civil Claims For Physical Abuse In Los Angeles

If you have been physically abused by another individual in Los Angeles, you need to know that there is a limited amount of time for you to file a lawsuit in civil court against the alleged abuser. In general, we will look to the California personal injury statute of limitations as the guiding force for these claims. All physical abuse lawsuits must be filed within two years from the date the alleged abuse occurred. Failing to file a lawsuit within this time frame will result in the abuse survivor is unable to recover compensation from the alleged abuser.

However, we do want to point out that the statute of limitations is completely different for instances of sexual abuse. Those who have survived sexual abuse have longer timeframes to file civil lawsuits against the alleged abuser. The time frames differ depending on whether or not the survivor was an adult when the abuse occurred or was under the age of 18 when the abuse occurred. We strongly suggest that you contact our sexual abuse victim representation attorneys in Los Angeles to discuss your case in these particular circumstances.

Contact A Physical Abuse Victims Representation Attorney In Los Angeles

If you believe that you have a legitimate physical abuse claim, then we invite you to contact our firm today. Our team understands how sensitive these matters are and are not afraid to face large institutions in litigation. We have the experience and the resources to make sure that a thorough case for compensation is compellingly put forth on your behalf.

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